About Us

The Saskatoon Housing Authority (SHA) was established in 1963. We are an agency of the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) and governed by an independent local Board of Directors. We are responsible for the ongoing operation of the provincially-owned public housing portfolio in Saskatoon. The SHA seeks to maintain and improve the quality of the existing housing units and to provide an effective housing service.

SHA administers and manages the Social Housing program. The primary objective of this program is to provide safe, quality housing at affordable rents to seniors, families and those requiring wheelchair accessible housing. This program has specific eligibility criteria, housing is targeted to households whose income is too low to obtain accommodations in the private market without spending more than 30% of household income on housing costs. Priority for placement is determined on an assessed needs basis in accordance with approved Saskatchewan Housing Corporation guidelines.

SHA manages over 2,600 units. 2/3 are designated for Senior Housing and 1/3 is dedicated for Family Housing.

SHA offers a Life-Interest Lease option for moderate income seniors where security of tenure is similar to home ownership, but without the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep.

Our Mission

Saskatoon Housing Authority is committed to providing access to affordable housing for individuals and families in the community.

We work collaboratively with partners, provide quality, well managed, affordable housing opportunities, and help people be successfully housed.

Our Vision

That all Saskatoon citizens have homes that promote health, independence, security and dignity, and enhance the social and economic well-being of neighbourhoods.

The four cornerstones of the SHA service standards are:

  • The tenants are our customers and their satisfaction is vital to our success.
  • We, as employees, are expected to leave our completed work assignments to reflect our personal signature of our degree of excellence.
  • Every call for service is important and is handled promptly.
  • A tenant's respect is earned from our actions more than our words.