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Seniors' Housing

The Saskatoon Housing Authority provides suitable, well maintained, affordable housing for seniors with low incomes. Housing units can be found in 12 apartment complexes located in different areas of Saskatoon.

Applicants are placed by matching those with the greatest need with the next available unit. Greater priority is given to applicants living in unsafe or unsuitable current housing conditions because of a disability or a health condition caused or aggravated by the current accommodation conditions. Where possible, an applicant's location preference is taken into consideration when offering a unit.

Pets are not permitted in any of our units; however, persons requiring a service animal will be accommodated. 

* SHA does not provide assisted living services or emergency housing.


Rent Determination - Rent Based on Income


Designed for low income adults, age 55+.


Rent is calculated at 30% of monthly lease household income*, which is consistent with the CMHC National Affordability Standard for housing.


Income Asset Limits Apply.  Security Deposits are required.


Priority is given to applicants with the greatest need based on income, current shelter costs, current housing conditions, health problems aggravated by current housing conditions and/or current housing unsuitable because of a disability.



Life-Interest Lease


Designed for moderate income adults, age 55+.


This program offers security of tenure similar to home-ownership but without the responsibilities of maintenance and upkeep.


Priority and placement is given to approved applicants with the greatest need based on current housing conditions, current shelter costs and income.


Income and Asset Limits apply.


A deposit is required and starts at $96,800 and can increase depending on the size of the suite.  The Life-Interest Lease deposit and value are fully refundable - less damages - within 90 days of notice to vacate.




Sturby Place - off Arlington Ave

Shepherd Apartments - 535 24th St. East

McNaughton Place - 302 6th Ave North

Harry Landa Court - 805 Ave P North

McAskill Manor - 2315 20th St. West

Riversdale House - 332 Ave B South

Forget Towers - 2503 Louise Street

Scott Towers - 2501 Louise Street

5th Ave Place - 439 5th Ave North

King Edward Place - 530 25th St. East

Sutherland House -201 108th Street

5th Ave Apartments - 425 5th Ave North

Russell Manor - 222 Lenore Drive

Clinkskill Manor - 115 19th St. East

Arbor Green - 1430 Ave M South

Kiwanis Manor - 125 Ave B North

How to Apply

Click here for information on how to apply as well as application forms.