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Family Housing

The Family Housing program provides suitable, well maintained, affordable rental housing for low income households with dependents. The majority of Family Housing units are located on the West side of the river in Saskatoon, with a limited number of units on the East side. Units consist of apartments, row houses, townhouses, fourplexes, semi-detached and a few single family homes.  Size of units vary from two- to four-bedroom units.

Applicants are placed by matching those with the greatest need with suitability of available units. Greater priority is given to applicants living in unsafe or unsuitable current housing conditions because of a disability or a health condition caused or aggravated by the current accommodation conditions.

Pets are not permitted in any of our units; however, persons requiring a service animal will be accommodated. 

* SHA does not provide emergency housing.


Rent Determination - Rent Based on Income


Rents are calculated based on a households' combined gross monthly income.  Rent is 30% of adjusted household income*, which is consistent with the CMHC National Affordability Standard for housing.


*Adjusted income refers to the exclusion of government benefits such as Child Tax Benefit.




A household must have at least one dependent child, a satisfactory rental history, and incomes and assets below limits.


Security Deposits are required.


Depending on the property there may be additional costs such as utilities and parking.




Leif Erickson Place - off Rusholme Road

Westview Place - Ave W North and Davidson Crescent

Sturby Place - off Arlington Ave

Scattered units within City of Saskatoon including semi-detached, single family, multi-family and town house units.

Eastwinds Apartments  - 1114 Ave W North

Southwinds Apartments - 1102 Ave W North

Brightwood Terrace - 24 Central Place

Berry Ridge - 112 & 132 Ave R South, 137 Ave Q South, 1914 & 1922 20th St. West

Rosewood Terrace - 306 Silverwood Road

Dundonald Village - 3240 33rd St. West

Russell Manor - 222 Lenore Drive

St. Paul's Place - off Rusholme Road

Embassy Gardens - 1313 & 1401 Wellington Street, 1405 & 1415 Ave M South, 1425 & 1431 Embassy Drive

Robinson Manor - 126 Ave W South

Monarch Yards Apartments - 218 Ave K South

Monarch Yards Townhouses - 219 Ave L South

West Ridge Village - 3144 Laurier Drive