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                                The Saskatoon Housing Authority (SHA) manages over 2,600 apartments, semi-detached units, four-plexes, townhouses and houses, each offering clean, comfortable and secure surroundings. Homes are in well-established neighbourhoods, close to schools, buses and shopping. A number of houses are wheelchair accessible, providing independent living and privacy for people with disabilities.

There are two types of housing provided: Social (Income-Based Rent) and Life-Interest Lease.  The Life-Interest Lease option is designed for moderate income seniors where security of tenure is similar to home ownership but without the responsibilities of maintenance and upkeep. Although each program has specific eligibility criteria, housing is targeted to households whose income is too low to obtain accommodations in the private market without spending more than 30% of total gross household income on housing costs. Priority for placement is determined on an assessed needs basis in accordance with Saskatchewan Housing Corporation guidelines.

Pets are not permitted in any of our units; however, persons requiring a service animal will be accommodated.


* SHA does not provide emergency housing.